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By the way just out of curiosity, how much would a brand new Mercedes C class cost? Not that I am buying but just for price comparison only. Do they have rebadge german cars that is cheaper?

I’m not sure of the exact price, but expect it to cost twice as much as in the West. That’s a good starting place. Some luxury cars cost 4x as much here.

Cairo. I’ve never seen anything like Egypt, I did not see a single car that wasn’t dented all over, and people even put these giant pads along the sides of their cars to help prevent further damage.. coming directly from China to Egypt I was *floored* by how crazy the driving is there, and that’s saying a lot!

That is interesting to hear. The only crazier place I’ve seen is Saigon, Vietnam. There aren’t as many cars there but there are about a million people driving completely free of any orderly system.

Just googled this, here’s a video which describes the concept pretty well for anyone who hasn’t been there: