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Avatar photoRick in China

I’m laughing over here.

11.11 is a fuckin’ scaaaaam for the most part. I just checked out some of my old cart items to compare to see how big deals were on ‘real stuff’ that I normally buy, not just promotional stuff or expiring/old product they want to fire sale to dump inventory, and here is what I found:

* Not a single item, except for motoroil, was any cheaper than when I had bought it over the course of the last whole year.
* One item is actually 70 rmb MORE EXPENSIVE! – a 2TB HDD which I bought for 519, and today, “11.11” is 589. What a deal!
* Some of the stuff that appears cheaper is not. For example: the “Merries” diapers I usually buy, which I need today, were sold out (the specific box I prefer) – so I looked up and, oh, good, there’s a special 11.11 sale on some various other quantities of the exact same imported product. Almost all of the bags of L size which I need were all sold out. There was 1 type left: so I carted up, 4 bags. (also some milk powder which is exactly the same price as usual, it’s not a big deal, I need it, not looking for a deal). Upon check out I notice something weird: Delivery cost: 40rmb — WTF, so they sell these bags 8rmb cheaper per bag, but charge 10rmb or whatever per bag shipping, when shipping is usually free? So I went back to a previous type I bought, lesser quantity than preferred, and the price is exactly the same as always, bought 2 bags – no shipping, wtf. Same product, merries diapers, from JD, one on sale, one not: the one on sale is actually more expensive in the end because there is a shipping fee, and almost every quantity is already sold out!

What this tells me: 11.11 is mostly bullshit, lots of people get drained buying shit they don’t normally buy, people who buy shit they normally buy don’t get discounts but have problems buying things they may regularly need because others buy it out thinking it’s some awesome deal when it’s not, and companies like JD actually jack prices and cheat on shipping to end up turning it into an even more disgusting money grab from the turned on raging consumer crowd.