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You are right english is not my strong point cause I m a Spanish teacher and English is not my first language well what I mean by discrimination is that many kids in his kindergarten push my son and make a circle around him and tell laowai laowai…but that s not the point .i just want to know if there s an area in chengdu where a massive foreign communauty leaves And put their children in the same kindergarten .i saw on Internet there s 15000 foreigners in chengdu so I would like to know if there s such area like that in chengdu.can you help me?

That sounds rough. Sorry to hear about your kid getting bullied. There are definitely international schools in Chengdu where your kid will be alongside other foreign kids, but they will cost you a lot. It might be unaffordable on an English teacher’s salary. Check this out: Choosing a Kindergarten in Chengdu