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Avatar photoCharlie

I was talking about a global trend for restricting the internet which often but not in all countries also includes outright blocking websites and domains.

Good point. I had heard about the UK censoring porn sites, and a lot of countries are censoring torrent websites in particular. Once you block anything on the internet it becomes a slippery slope.

Interestingly I just ran a ‘namebench’ test last night and the results are quite detailed as far as DNS performance go. Find it here: That test will take a few hours, but will check against thousands of sites using your own servers, whilst concurrently providing alternatives (with a speed comparison rating).

So this will suggest a faster DNS server for to use? Has it made a big difference for you?

damn, they blocked a website i use for research :/

The list is always growing. VPNs are increasingly unreliable, also. I have several VPNs set up on my Mac and I am constantly switching between them because none of them are reliable 100% of the time. It’s infuriating.