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Avatar photoCharlie

The mixtape was dope. I would like to point out that the East is sorely underrepresented without Wu Tang

Thanks man, there are so many more artists I would have liked to include:

  • Schoolly D
  • Snoop
  • Anything off Reasonable Doubt or The Chronic (which is what this flyer design is referencing btw)
  • Bone Thugs
  • Three Six Mafia
  • Gucci

In the end, it was basically just a collection of some of my favorite tracks in this genre, most of which were picked because they specifically deal with urban hustle themes. I added a lot of movie samples and sound FX from some of my favorite movies in the genre (King of New York is one of my favorite movies of all time, also Don’t Be a Menace).

If you’re coming on Saturday, hit me with any requests.

19th floor of Poly Center. Just follow the smell of dank.

Yup. Exit the elevator on 19F and turn right, NASA is on the left. You will probably hear it before you see it.