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Avatar photoRick in China

re: risks/locals
I’ve invested in equities for a decade and a half, and I’ve lived here since 2003 / married a local — your analysis of me is far off.. I’m just giving you some advice: people who seem legit and sign contracts occasionally disappear here, with all the money they’ve captured up. My wife is currently engaged in many simultaneous lawsuits, for example, right now, because the HR/worker management 3rd party company that they hired to manage the migrant workers/pay them/etc for a property development didn’t actually pay the workers and after a while, just disappeared – leaving tons of angry workers and an unfinished property, which of course spirals into lots of unhappy pre-buyers who don’t get their apartments delivered on time.

If you want to find somewhere to put your money via strangers on a forum, though, I’m sure you’ll find lots of people offering lots of “great opportunities”, wish you luck with that one 😀

(insert image of a gif with a bunch of people in guy fawkes masks laughing with bags of money in hands, and you holding a napkin, exclaiming “But I have a contract!”)