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first, thanks for helping me with my donut cravings recently! loved every bite. 1. Are you open to customer suggestions for donut flavors or experiments? Like Sriracha peanut butter donut, alcohol flavored donuts (mimosas, beer, mojito, etc,.) 2. Open to collaborating with other businesses and organizations for future awesome events? 3. Which donut is most underrated in your shop? Overrated? 4. Would you rather be an apple or a banana? And why?

Sorry for taking so long to answer this question, it sort of got lost in the fray.

I am always open to suggestions, liquor flavored donuts are on the roadmap for sure, I would love to do something and pair it with a shot that I would put in the center. The problem is it has to be shelf stable and not refrigerated, I am limited a lot by this.

I’m always open to collaboration and would love to do more events, I was talking today about hosting a homeschool class on donut decoration.

Under rated donut would probably have to be the blueberry filled, the darker filling makes it look less appealing I guess but it is delicious.

The most over rated I guess i would have to pick the Boston or the S’mores. They are both really good but people who buy them have a hard time trying other things after, they just get stuck.

I would rather be a banana, outside tough, inside sweet if you put me near other fruits I ripen them faster and I taste great dipped in anything sweet. and its phallic…