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Avatar photoBrendan

Or we could go back to joking about how many donuts we could hang off our dicks.

Yes, let’s do that, since;

a) it’s a joke
b) in the style of a reddit AMA
c) devoid of any political, social, geographic, or gender specific intent (et al)
d) plus it’s a


in the style of a

    Reddit AMA

Had Johnny been a Jenny I might have come up with an equally crude question aimed squarely at his vagina since again (just for those of you who missed the actual point of this in the first place, because you stumbled into a time machine that whipped you back to 1986, when political correctness and not being able to form humour around any subject without catching wrath from some ages old beleaguered institution or club deemed it unacceptable, along with free speech) this is a thread

    in the style of a Reddit AMA

Did we get a number for donuts hanging off your dick Johnny?

Is it…


This and other important questions need answering, like ‘do ladyboys take turns’?, and ‘what if your Mum was your Dad’?

Thank you for watching.