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@JerryS Yes the Weixin is working (ID RyansSandwiches)

So as not to set the bar too high I should probably tell you what you’re going to find is more “tex-mex” than true Mexican. However we do have several Mexican customers who like our food and eat here regularly.

TONIGHT! WALKING DEAD PARTY @ The ClubHouse. Big Screen Projectorfied zombies on the porch for everyone.

We are gonna pause the Mexican food for one night (we’re usually closed on Mondays anyway) and serve BBQ Chicken! Last week’s episode at 8pm and this week’s new episode at 9pm.

Also we will probably keep this up every Monday. When Walking dead is over there’s Better Call Saul. When Better Call Saul is over hmm… can anyone think of a really popular TV series we could show on Mondays? Any ideas? Like a weekly TV series that people really like…