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Avatar photoCharlie

I carry my wallet, phone and keys in my front pockets out of habit. I’ve never had problems with pickpockets in the past when carrying them this way. What is your experience?

I’ve been pick pocketed twice in China, once in Chengdu and once in Chongqing, but both were 5+ years ago. In one instance it was outside of the Chongqing train station (a place notoriously rife with pick pockets) and another was when a Blackberry was lifted out of a thick jacket pocket in the Chengdu winter.

I have also had a few bikes stolen, but most were because of my negligence. I used those experiences to write this article: 5 Steps to Prevent Your Bike From Being Stolen. If you learn the best practices of how to not be a victim of pick pockets or bike theft, you will be fine.