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Two things come to mind immediately- firstly, authentic Mexican food, NOT Tex-Mex. There is a vast world of difference, namely in the fresh flavors, healthy cuisine and exciting ingredients from Mexican food that get totally lost in TexMex, especially bad TexMex. I might weep a little weep if some Mexican expats came to Chengdu and did this. I would certainly be a regular patron. After eating real Mexican food, you’ll never want Texmex again. Or at least I dont. I also think the Chinese would like it too, as the fresh vegetables and spicy flavors would be somewhat familiar to the Chinese palate. Another thing that is a goldmine waiting to happen is Cajun food. The rich and flavorful treasures of bayou cuisine would tantalize the Chinese – using familiar ingredients (crawfish, rice, peppers) in unfamiliar and delicious ways. Gumbo could take over Sichuan.

Yes. Mexican food makes so much sense. I have been waiting for that for years. Quite important that it’s a Mexican person or group that does it, in my opinion.

Cajun food is not one that I had thought of. But I do go to the states with people from Chengdu semi-regularly. Last year when in San Francisco I took some colleagues to a Cajun soul food restaurant in the Tenderloin and their reaction was priceless: “Before this meal, I thought all the food in America sucked. This is amazing!” These are guys who brought instant noodles in their suitcases to America.