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Thank you Deven,

You are right about “advertising” – and I don’t really mind it. I am very positive and trying to do my best, but the problem is that all the teachers from those 5 kindergarten have received some kind of training from the company and they have all the weekly plans and they just don’t get that those weekly plans are for a normal situation – meaning that the foreign teacher will have 5 days per week with each class. And in the kindergarten, every class has a leader teacher and few other teachers. So, every teacher comes with some suggestions, and I have to deal with the suggestions of at least 27 teachers per week.

But on a daily basis, I am enjoying classes and from my perspective I am doing just fine and I have a lot of fun with these kids, but here come some of their teachers holding the stupid weekly plan that is irrelevant to the situation. :)))

So, I am mostly interested to know if other kindergarten teachers had to go through a similar situation regarding the schedule. Because I really think this is doesn’t sound right in any way.

And I am not at all stressed out to be fired. At least not yet :)))))

Thanks a lot for your reply.