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I think to ‘protect’ Uber is a lost fight …

More or less everywhere taxi business is highly controlled by local administrations and requires licenses (which are usually limited in no.).

Allowing then the application like Uber, bypassing this license limitations, cannot but to distort the planning of local administration (whatever was the reason and motivation behind these plans).

It’s no wonder the local administrations will do their utmost to use all their available tools to fight this system.

That will be sooner or later also the destiny of another applications based on the same principle (unless there are another reasons behind them to keep them running but this in China most probably touches just locally developed ones).

Saying all of this I am not surprised that people who invested into cars and see a great chance to earn ‘free’ money in their spare time will fight hard. This farther emphasized by abysmal service level of local taxi drivers.

But as per my opinion they will lose their fight …