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Well, it was not just Prussia which suffered during the wars. A lot bigger part of Germany was destroyed.

But I of course agree with you that from culture perspective this represents a loss.

But I would like to add that the loss is ‘just’ on the part of culture bound to ‘architecture’. Culture in my understanding is much broader than this and therefore I was also citing the definition I consider quite fitting to my understanding of culture.

Based that I also do not consider current Germany the country without culture. And certainly not less cultureous than many other European countries where the damage was in comparison to Germany minor.

What concerns of America so I think there the topic gets much more complex as the subcultures in America are relatively strong.

May be it’s a bit similar to China as I assume majority of Americans identifies themselves with the country but they still feel very strong tights to their community.

What I just wanted to say that culture as a word is quite broad and I wanted to clarify what are we really discussing to prevent eventual misunderstanding.

I see nothing wrong if somebody (I am not saying it’s you!) just selects one part of the culture – for instance art – and discusses that part only. But it’s in my understanding different discussion than ‘Traditional Chinese Culture’ discussion.