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Avatar photoCharlie

I agree that it’s of course unlucky to loose the older architecture.

Nevertheless I would still insist on the fact that it’s just a part of the culture.

So now you admit that old architecture is part of the culture. Previously you said that destroying old buildings is not destroying the culture, when you said: It’s certainly pity we cannot now see the original architectonic of the previous eras but I would not really call it ‘destroying the culture’ …

Coming back to your example with Europe and demolished castles let me just repeat – big part of Germany as well as Poland, Russia, Ukraine etc. was more or less wiped out but the countries still have their distinctive culture.

The same applies for China – the culture is not just in authentic buildings.

I do not disagree. No one here has said that culture only exists in buildings, or that countries which have experienced violent revolutions are not capable of having culture. However, China and its culture has undoubtedly suffered greatly due to events of the last century.