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Avatar photoDan

I do love the smell of petrichor, Mr. Klink.

Maz, we’ll miss you bud! I know what you mean about the “romance ending” – one’s relationship with one’s city of residence is anything but simple or consistent. Indeed, there is passion and the excitement of discovery early on, or perhaps anxiety and apprehension in the face of the unknown and mysterious. Later, a growing fondness as you become more familiar with the city, her charms as well as her flaws. You profess your affection but also lament some incompatibilities between the two of you, searching within yourself for the ability to overcome these obstacles to find true peace and harmony in your life in this city.

You may savor the challenge but perhaps not indefinitely, and as you receive the call of a new place, a new city with a different culture and landscape, it can be hard to resist.

Wishing you good luck on your next step. Stay in touch and let us know when you’re back in town 😀