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I don’t really like hypotheticals, but I’ll posit one here.

So you get a time machine and go back to any unenlightened era (or enlightened, doesn’t matter). And you’re able to communicate with those people and you ask them if they are living in misery without internet, space travel, penicillin, jet skis… etc. What would they say?

They probably would have no idea what you’re talking about. But if you explained those things, they’d probably just say ‘whatever’. You get the same response if you go to a tiny village in X country and try to tell them about the wonders of our fantastic urban paradises.

People today tell me about going to mars or curing cancer, and I ask why? I’ll never willingly leave planet earth and cancer is just another form of death, like car accidents, falling pianos and suicide.

I’ve been quite the naysayer recently. I’m well aware of that. Perhaps it’s burnout in China. This country demonstrates tremendous progression like no other, but when does a measure of restraint kick in? When will it ever be enough? When will balance be appreciated, not game-face aggression toward the entire universe?

I can’t swing back to make this post relevant with ESP and collective (un)conscious, but there is a reality out there, not purveyed via digital interfaces.

Rick, you’ve got a very strong argument for maintaining the course. Thanks for the discussion ;p