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c) The serious problems with humanity as I mentioned are greed, hate, indulgence… etc. Tech will never solve those problems, no matter how much you ‘like’ something on facebook. Animals kill because they are hungry, not because they want a leather jacket or a pair of Air Jordans.

Hmm I’m happy not to live my life as medievil peasant. Considering the age of our species, it isn’t long ago that most of us had to do extremely hard physical labor their whole short life, could potentially die of caries and had absoletely no entertainment gadgets whatsoever… If you ask me, it is awesome to belong to a species that is in the position to do cruel things for petty and shallow reasons. And why the good old “humans suck and animals are morally superior” argument? Newsflash: we are animals as well. We are rather smart naked apes. And apes are cruel animals as well. Chimps rape, murder, steal and go to war with one another. Humans just have this huge culturual baggage that we call civilisation.