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I got the university job through some guanxi with a professor there, though it shouldn’t be difficult finding a similar position by just asking around. Most of the teachers there are Chinese nationals with English degrees. There are a good number of universities that are looking for English speaking teachers for specific subjects (math, sciences etc). I believe Sichuan University is looking. Email might be ok, but Weixin, QQ, Phone are still more commonly used. I think that since you are legally a foreign national, they are more likely to pay you foreigner wages. I wouldn’t accept less, if I were you. Teachers are still in pretty high demand. At the time that I arrived in China, my Chinese was not fluent and I couldn’t read.

How would one “ask around” though? Do you mean fly to Chengdu and do it? Because I would prefer to get a job so I’m safe, then go there. I have QQ but not weixin (yet) – how do I find/contact these institutions on there??? Sorry for so many questions