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I’m one of those people who secured a contract/visa before moving. It wasn’t the best job, but with a little diligence and common sense you can avoid becoming a horror story. Some common advice (for uni jobs) you’ll hear on ESL forums is to narrow down the places you’re interested in, and then head to the city’s wiki page. They tend to list most of the major universities in the city. From there you can jump to the uni website and look for contact people in the Foreign Language Dept and start blasting emails. It’s not the most efficient way obviously, but it’s a start if you’re not in a position to apply in person.

Otherwise there are plenty of ESL oriented job sites out there for you to reply to ads directly. They’ve faded from memory a bit, but try Dave’s ESL, abroadchina, seriousteacher, echinacities. Like Chris said, do your research and you’ll be fine.