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I recently found that Xiaomi have some kind of store in Chengdu nearby Auchan in the south. Address: 成都市高新区盛和一路88号康普雷斯1栋1单元1309-1310号 Maybe you can check out the TV there.

I’ve been to this place, it’s a showroom with all of the Xiaomi products there to try out. I got a couple of the Yeelight smart lightbulbs off a while ago and had problems setting them up, so went there for help. They have their own version of an Apple Genius Bar there and can answer any questions that you might have.

The recently released MI TV 2S looks good, but the only model available is 48″. I would be interested in seeing how Kodi runs on one of these things.

Yeah, would be really nice to have that built in. The Xiaomi TV’s look really nice but I am completely spoiled by a projector.