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I went there for two semesters in 2013, it is kind of far outside the city, but its not too bad. It was super easy to get to and from the city during the day, but after the busses stop around 10:00 pm i think, you just have to use taxis. The school is in a pretty small town, but there are lots of little restaurants and shops, and everything is super cheap!  When I went there the dorms weren’t bad at all, you get your own room and bathroom, ac/heat, internet,  and there’s a shared kitchen and washing machine on each floor. I have friends who are still there and they said the dorms are being redone this summer too! There is a gym on campus that you have access too, but I’m not sure what its like. The classes were really small and all the teachers were awesome. We would usually follow lessons from textbooks, but we were also able to discuss topics we were interested in and do fun things together, like learning to make dumplings or going on little field trips etc. I hope this helps!! Let me know if you have any other questions