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I  do not want to sound rude but so far I found just one wine which I could call the real wine (it’s Di Bella one) – not counting wine which you pay several hundred/thousands RMB per bottle as I find it hard to accept spending so much money on a drink …

For the rest I more or less concluded for myself that Chinese Great Wall is usually, when in the similar price category with imported wines, much better than those imports but it still lacks a bit to be really a good wine.

Unfortunately China is not a wine drinking country and usually the wine commonly available is at the border of drinkability …


Thumb up for you trying to educate the people in China about the wine culture as such!

Nevertheless I am afraid it’s still a long way to go …

Looking at it from another angle I would recommend to consider setting up the bai jiu school as China (and especially Sichuan!) has many great bai jiu brands which are in decent price range and their quality is really good.