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This post still active?  I’ve been looking for a gym close to my apartment in the Wuhou district.  I’ve looked at tons of places recently and still can’t find a gym with a little bit of everything.  I’m joining with my wife and are looking for something with a pool.  If it doesn’t have a pool, then at least a sauna/steam room.  Legend Fitness is down the road from my apartment but noticed that half of the machines are broken and what is working looks questionable.  Price is dirt cheap, 1798 RMB for 2 people for the year.  Also looked at Pioneer Fitness which quoted us at 4,000 RMB for 1 year for 2 people.  Wasn’t that impressed with them either.  Whyte wolf is pretty decent and I didn’t haggle on the price since it is kind’ve far.  Imported equipment and they have a sauna.  Without negotiating 3,5000 RMB per year.  Pretty sure they are quite flexible on the price.  A really nice gym just opened by the Joh Yen Chao (I know that isn’t spelled correctly) bridge that is 34xx RMB per year.  All equipment is from the US and it is a really clean Western style gym.  No sauna, steam room or anything like that.  Shangri la has the nicest gym in the city but also the most expensive.  Anyone have any other recommendations?  Any suggestions would be appreciated.