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Working is simple. It is illegal without the proper visa. Yes, you would have to leave the country and go through the process again. The Universities and larger training schools will most likely not hire you without the correct visa, and I  would suggest not going through any job agency or agent to land that type of job. Unnecessary and they will rip you off, with pay and most other things.

But I assume you would not want a full time job anyway? If not, then the options are simple. You can find a part time job anywhere in CD. There are lots of small schools that will hire you and many that are looking for teachers (check gochengdoo).  Teaching English will not be a problem for you, just don’t let them take advantage of you. They are making plenty of money, and as you will see, education is big business here, so make sure you only choose the right circumstance and you can make as much money working part time on your own, than working for a company or school directly, just no benefits.

UHT milk and fresh milk can be found at the grocery stores and all over. Foreign UHT milk as well. Also, one can buy from import stores, we have at least one here in CD, and a couple in Shanghai that will ship here to CD. Formula can be found online, but again, even if one says its from overseas, you can’t be sure. Many comments from Chinese parents that buy online, even from Registered Tmall stores, often remark there is a difference in quality from the product they buy here compared to the product the get sent from overseas (so says my wife).

Simple enough, you can have formula sent from your home country, you can buy online from Amazon, as an example, or  from  other countries directly from their store.  We used to do that when our baby was younger, and we still buy vitamins, supplements and medicines only from overseas.

And regarding your first question re: assistance, if your Uni and FAO (foreign affairs officer) are any good, they should handle all of that for you.

What part of CD will you be in, West (Swufe), South, etc.?