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Avatar photoKim Duistermaat

Hello, just another thought or two:
About the kids’ education. There is an active homeschooling group in Chengdu. I expect that you will be aiming to keep their level on par with their age group back home. That means that they will have to work on their UK school work. It will not leave them time to study fulltime Chinese to the level that they will need to fit in a Chinese school. It will take them years and many hours of private tutoring (costs?) and rote learning to do so. If they manage to do (motivation??), did you consider what a Chinese high school will mean for the quality of their education? You will want to choose a school that will give them access to foreign universities and colleges once they graduate, I guess, in case they would like to. Consider the costs, entry requirements, etc. for those as well.

Second, did you consider applying for jobs with foreign universities opening up new campuses in China? They may be able to pay you more and with more benefits, and at the same time you get your culture exposure. I know of a new initiative of Groningen University (the Netherlands) in Yantai, ‘close’ to Beijing. There are also UK, USA and Australian universities doing the same in other cities, such as Nottingham in Ningbo, and New York University in Shanghai. I think it is worth to explore these.

Good luck with everything.