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They have a branch on Yongkang Lu in Shanghai. Decent little cocktail bar with reasonable prices. Only had a few drinks there but I’d say not far behind the drinks I had in Whispers (near the Consulate) and Nico’s Bar (Master Building) if you are looking for a cocktails type of place. Cheaper than both those too.


Still some of the best cocktails in Sichuan are to be had in Flavour Lounge in Chongqing but you can’t be heading there every week. Still the best cocktail place I have found in China, great atmosphere, decoration and Jimmy the maestro is a genuine pleasure to be around.

Also if it’s not a cocktail lounge in particular you are after you can’t go wrong at The Lazy Pug. Great drinks, free poured, tasty food and great company….. I miss Chengdu!