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Avatar photoCharlie

Right now I am really missing:

  • Clean air
  • Sunshine
  • Stars

In terms of products and services:

  • Good live music. Little Bar is good. Outside of that it is like a wasteland.
  • Authentic Vietnamese pho (Dazhong in Tongzilin is the best I’ve found but the quality seems to have gone downhill recently)
  • A real sports bar (I don’t want to go to Shamrock or Mooney’s)
  • Another Western coffee shop or lounge, or two. I miss Kafe Stugan (Swedish cafe which closed a while ago)
  • More authentic ethnic and regional American food. Panda Libre by Mike’s Pizza Kitchen is a welcome addition, more places like that would be great. In the same vein as Johnny 5, Red Beard, Lazy Pug, etc.
  • Lunch delivery services with healthy options would be great. Pickings are slim on apps like 百度外卖. There are a few Chinese services which have started to do this.
  • More high-quality events hosted by expats, for expats. Recently I’ve been checking out some of the comedy nights at Bookworm, those are fun. More events like that would be great. There used to be a photography club, it’s too bad that has fallen off.