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Be aware that when you sign up under a different address, you will not be able to cash out to your own overseas bank. Chinese sites do not support e-wallets like Skrill/Moneybookers or Neteller either. (And if it’s an international site, e-wallets would not work either through a Chinese VPN as casino-related transfers are blocked from within China with Skrill, and Neteller does not allow China at all.)

Also depositing might be a pain in the ass, as a lot of Chinese pokersites require deposit through Chinese bank transfer, ATM or China registered Visa.

That being said, this can all be arranged by your contact, it just requires trust. Chris is a stand-up and trustworthy guy who I happily vouch for, as he’s a real life friend of mine who I’ve known for years. I’m sure plenty of regulars on this forum would say the same.

Good luck.