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I would add WEB International English to the list. They do not honor contracts (underpayment is systematic and getting the missing money is virtually impossible). They also consistently lie about visas and actively encourage/force FT’s to work illegally in any way they can (continual HK visa runs at the teachers expense, working under a business visa etc etc). A fellow FT recently left WEB after 12 weeks of being promised a letter of invitation for his Z-visa application (and never receiving it) before being told he would be better off getting a Business Visa!!! He is still waiting for his final months wages… He is effectively out of pocket after his WEB experience and is experiencing serious difficulties getting enough visa time to get another job. A return to his native land is on the cards, at his own expense (deeper out of pocket), with the possibility of not being able to return. AVOID WEB. Please repost this anywhere that it may save someone from a similar experience.