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Good Day to all forumers,

I’m new here, just found this forum after few days searching an info about Chengdu. Thanks to Hoanglien for rising up questions above. I believe we are in same boat here, being offered a job to work in Chengdu and have few things up on mind. Not to forget, thanks to other forumers who also provide a very useful information for an expats who will working in Chengdu.

So here are my question:

1) Accommodation. A studio apartment with a rent cost around 2000-3000rmb is consider cheap or expensive? This is my plan A on my 1st month in Chengdu. Plan B is looking for a room to rent, I will be working here more than a year and Plan B is definitely my choice.

2) Groceries. What are the cost for this per month? By the way, I’m a kind of person who cook at home. Need an advise on the cost here.

3) Entertainment. Err, I don’t drink. Might go watch movies marathon on weekend or get to know surrounding on my 1st month.

4) Transportation & access. My working place at Tianfu Road. What choices do I have? and what are the cost? It’s a subjective question here due to it depend on where I live. Please advise few situation.

All feedback and suggestion are really appreciated.