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Not sure if you mean the actual university or the Chinese teacher training school that has been offering free lessons on this site given by their student teachers. You don’t say what your level is now or what level of HSK you are going for, but in general the kind of university that can give you a study visa is the best value. Private teachers can be a waste of time or invaluable. Lots will work for 40 an hour but I paid 100 for a short term tutor and it was very worth it for getting past HSK 6. As for this place that gives free lessons, I’ve only tried their free option. Each lesson is with a different teacher and not continuous. Time with the Hello HSK app was better spent, to be honest, though it’s always possible you may run into a fantastic teacher you want to keep working with.


thank you so much for your reply!

I realised I forgot to mention that after I posted it 😅

I’m at a beginner level, I would probably pass HSK level 1 but that’d be it.

I’m there for 9 months so I’d want to go for level 3 at least. I will be almost completely focussed on learning Chinese so I think it should be possible.

May I ask you how you came in contact with your tutor?

Also, knowing of my level now, do you have any specific tips or places you could tell me?


Thank you so much once again.

EDIT: i’m pretty sure I saw this course on the university itself too to learn Chinese (so not the free trial thing that’s being promoted on here) but I can’t seem to find it ㅠㅡㅠ