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There is a residence visa for 3 years that has unlimited entry/exit as standard for family members. You would need to prove the relationship with appropriate documents such as a wedding certificate or birth certificate. You would probably need to demonstrate age or infirmity of the relative in question if not your spouse. Start with a visitor’s visa and upgrade to the family residence permit at the PSB bordering Tianfu Sq a couple of weeks before your visa expires. You will need a health examination from a designated hospital in Chengdu to be qualified. A residence permit does not automatically entitle you to work here.


ahh okay. Thats very clear thank you. Could you perhaps tell me what kind of visa it is? (Alphabet, like X1 or sth)

and do you know if this kind of visa is applicable for children of your aunts/uncles? Like the son of my uncle lives in Chengdu, do I need an urgent reason to stay here with him for 180+ days?



Thanks so much once again ^_^