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Avatar photollakssz

Cool Ben, thanks for the information. 🙂

Yes, I understand the daughter is both citizens of UK and China, no problem.

I only really replied to your part because of “He does not want to get her a British passport as that would be illegal.”
– But I understand now that you agree that sentence is incorrect, of course lying/hiding visa stuff could be a crime, but simply getting or possessing the passport alone is ok, and can be done.

I wasn’t aware China was so strict in that they don’t let you leave the country if you don’t have a visa for the UK, etc.

You are sure China wouldn’t accept seeing the UK passport as your ‘visa’/whatever to make them understand that you are allowed to go to the UK? It’s so sad when countries are so strict.
(I don’t pretend to know the laws)


Or wouldn’t the easiest + fastest thing just be going to Hong Kong?
I assume the visa thing that Chinese people need to enter Hong Kong is relatively easy to obtain…? And once you get there, use the UK passport to enter.

I can’t see any crime happening… no trickery, no playing the rules, whatever, seems totally clean.

Or, is it a problem to even get the UK passport from the embassy?
The right of abode is a better solution you think, and then later get the passport?

Personally if it was me, I would rather China not even know that I have right of abode in another country, and keep my citizenships separate to each other.

As a side note, I had a little look online and it seems that with the UK right of abode in a passport like a Chinese one, you can’t use it to go to the schengen area. A bit limiting – and depending on the countries you travel though if not direct to the UK, you will need a schengen visa…?

Regardless of countries/culture/citizenship/people, I’m happy I don’t have and am not limited to a Chinese passport!