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Tracey, thank you for your input.
We did go through medical, it was far more than £40!
We were a bit rushed to do it quicker, and ended paying a lot for the very basic form-based examination report. No blood work, no X ray nothing of a sort. Simply paid to state that we are fit and healthy and not mad.
The form then was sent electronically to HR, I am not sure if this is enough, as we are now waiting for invitation letter and foreign expert permit to take it to embassy. We are not there yet, but have a feeling that things moving very slowly.
About education in mainstream school… I found many expats do send their children to mainstream schools. From what I was told ( and this is the information that was passed on to me, not my experience) is that mainstream school is still to paid for, but much less than private/international etc. Depending on the school, immersion is exercised and provisions are made for extra language tutorial. I was told that it takes somewhere between 6-12 months for a child to make reasonable adjustments and be somewhat proficient to continue without extra supervision/help. Whilst local kids have to take extremely hard exams to graduate from the school, foreign children are exempt from such exams and will receive their graduation certificate which will allow them to progress further.
I think my main concern is the age of my children (boys), the language barrier and the fact that the teaching and learning style which is very relaxed in the UK will cause them a lot of stress. I guess, all depends on your child and her age. The younger she is, the easier it will be. But it is a possibility and a very real one. I will keep updating if I come to more information.