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God topic & points all. As intended above it’s doable but you have to monitor closely for changes in rules, if you do that the agony of defeat can be minimal and/or eliminated. I purchased a new place in the ‘du”, no issues just alot of paperwork and only mine for 70 years.


2nd, i do have a chunk of land in the country side and have had no issues. It’s much easier if you obtain the property via family members as there really is no change of hands. Once the property is sold to an outsider, non family member thats when the rules start to change. 3rd, the inlaws visit the city clearks office where they obtain property rights changes and/or updates. another possible issue is when you try to sub-divide a certain parcel. Other than that obtaining and holding it isnt too much of concern for now.

I have actually considered getting one of the pre-fabbed home kits from menards and ship it over to avoid all the jerry-rigging.