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The 50k limit is for the conversion to/from foreign currency – not for the transfers themselves. I was going to get the paperwork together to do it normally myself for the last set of transfers, HSBC recommended I just complete it at BOC directly rather than use the premier service as the cash I wanted to move was already in BOC, and when I went to BOC, a very helpful customer manager lady helped me sort it all out – originally trying to figure out all the documents I required, then suggesting we just have a couple of wife’s relatives come by and they’ll sort everything out. They did it all for us, just needed a few people, a few SFZs, and a morning – converted several ‘annual limits’, and transferred to my overseas account directly.

I know for a fact this isn’t within regulation – HSBC has a sign up saying as much, but the lady at the BOC not only suggested but didn’t hide the process whatsoever as we sorted it out, so I guess it’s pretty common.