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Unfortunately United turned down my application, I still lose sleep over it but oh well, you live you learn.

In all seriousness though, all I meant was that it seems we have different motives by posting in this forum and I wonder if I came to the right place. I’m not interested in having debates, putting people down or arguing for argument sake. Just trying to do my job and reach out to people who may be in need.

I don’t believe it is fair that you should let your own bad experiences negatively impact on others. I ate pizza last week – the taste was awful, so too was the service, but I won’t start generalising about all Italian restaurants because of it.

Fair enough this is a public forum but you shouldnt shoot someone down for trying to do the right thing.

Not too sure if ‘Ben’ and ‘LivinginChengdu’ are the same person but I’m sorry to hear you had bad experiences in the past, thats just life I’m afraid. I don’t know what industries you work in in Chengdu but I’m sure you would agree that are competent people and not so competent people, honest hard-working professionals and perhaps not so.