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That would clearly depend on which territory the client was in. The Americans amongst you will be familiar with the SEC. For clients in the UK it will be the FCA, clients in HK will be the HKMA/SFC … We work with expats in over 100 countries, for the sake of brevity I don’t need to go through them all.

For a company as large and successful as deVere, you don’t get to over 80,000 clients all around the world without doing the right thing and only working in the best interests of the client. Not to mention the VERY strict compliance procedures.

deVere have an immense track record with clients all across the globe, the continuous recognition and awards are testament to this…

This information is all publicly available. If you are truly interested, as I mentioned, my managers will be going to Chengdu. It would be my pleasure to introduce you to them. We will be hosting a seminar and you are more than welcome to come along and ask away any questions you may have. Feel free to PM me to arrange further.

However I think it is clear to anyone reading this forum that your interest is solely to be destructive and not constructive, due to your personal vendetta against the finance industry. It’s easy to post something online and hide behind anonymity, whether you turn up to the seminar and ask the same questions in person, time will tell.