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No, I have not found a home school group, and yeah, the kindy at Luxe Hills cost some big bucks.
There are a few preschools I think at Tianfu, per your other message.
Off of jian nan and off of Yi zhou, at Yin Tai, many are “montessori” based, perhaps that’s the one your looking for.

I think for us, due to our flexible schedule, we will just keep our our kid with us.  My wife runs an early ed program for 2 year olds mainly, so our girl will sometimes sit in there. For the rest of it, we just sign her up in some classes that she likes like dance or art.

I’m mostly of the opinion that I’d rather keep her with us if I can’t put her in a place that I would have complete confidence in their quality of care and competence, and that from a western perspective.
Meaning, we teach her a certain way to behave and speak, where as many others here think differently in the way a child should behave.

anyhoo, i’m just rambling now.