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Listen, I doubt Conor has much more than a puncher’s chance, but I have to disagree with you on just about every point. I think your assessment is about as off as you can be otchengdu.

McGregor’s standup, including his punches are inarguably great. His ground game is good for a top class mixed martial artist, but he’s “only” a brown belt. He’s known for his power and accuracy in his standup, particularly in the counter. His ability to slip and deflect punches is also among the best in MMA. The problem is that Floyd is a defensive boxer, so it is unlikely that Floyd will give him the kind of exchange that McGregor needs to capitalize on to land a heavy counter.

The benefits Conor has on his side to get into that position are his size advantage, age, and southpaw stance. Those are the main reasons in my mind that he could potentially knock him out or at least down.

As far as your thoughts on his footwork, again, this is crazy. Conor is known for his light feet and ability to make good angles using his footwork. But even with that said, you can’t judge someone’s MMA footwork, where you have to constantly be ready to defend for takedowns and kicks and also set up for the same, on how they would box. I expect him to have a substantially different stance because he doesn’t have to worry about his legs. I mean, he wont ever be a Lomachenko, but neither will anyone else, Floyd included.

Also, the thing about Conor getting knocked out sparring is bullshit. It started from Jessie Vargas saying it while taking a walk chatting with some dude. He said, “I heard that they tried Bradley Rios but he knocked him (McGregor) out, so they had to push him away.” Someone later says “Ah man, fuck no.” Vargas says “Na, he would have knocked him out though.” Bradley Rios said himself that he’s never even met Conor, let alone sparred with him. Some people It’s nothing but Vargas spouting bullshit.

Either way it goes, this kind of discussion is exactly why I’m stoked the fight is happening. Nobody, including the best commentators and fighters in the world, have any precedent to base their predictions. It wont matter if it ends up being boring, thats only an hour of the fight. Unless something crazy happens the exciting part is the months of front end promotion and commentary. They both already won this fight in terms of both money and interest.