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Actually, there’s lots of youth hostel you could go and they will show you some good routes.

By the way, If you would like to try it your self, I’m pleased to write some Chinese characters of places worth visiting, such as:

  • 武侯祠(Temple of Marquis)
  • 青羊宫(Qingyang temple)
  • 杜甫草堂(Dufu’s cottage)
  • 文殊院(Wenshu Monastery)
  • 四川省博物馆(Sichuan province museum)
  • 青城山(Qingcheng mountain)
  • 都江堰(Dujiangyan)
  • 峨眉山(Emei mountain)
  • 乐山大佛(Leshan Giant Buddha;Many travelers like this place.)

And if you want to know more information about people in Chengdu, you could visit:

  • Kuanzhai Alley(宽窄巷子) and
  • Huanglongxi(黄龙溪),

Also People’s Park, it is still a good place to know this city.

Have a nice day