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Thought I’d post this in here in case there are some people still looking for a gym. Right now Physical, which has 4 locations (IFS, Raffle City, 1 by the NiuwangMiao subway stop and one other which I don’t know where it is) is currently having some promotions which are worth checking out. A friend told me earlier today that you can get a 1 month pass for 28 RMB on 大众点评. I’d purchase it asap if your even remotely interested. My friend was using it when I spoke to him earlier today so it is legit.

The current promotions for memberships are 1200 RMB for 20 months and 2400 for 40 months. They told a friend of mine that the 1200 RMB promotion has some limitations but i don’t know what they are. One person said that you can only go to one location and another said you can only use it during certain hours. Another person said that there are no limitations so it would be advisable to talk to more than one salesperson if anything sounds shady. I paid 2400 RMB for the 40 months and can use all the clubs in Chengdu. Found out about the 1200 RMB promotion from a friend the following day. Other gyms in Chengdu have lowered their prices dramatically in the past year so there might be other great deals available. Hope this info is useful.