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Thanks for the reply Charlie, the steps are slightly different for me because it is not a new company registration, i Had some luck today and found the place where t0 start the process , i will post my progress here maybe it can help someone in the future as there is very little documentation about this online.

If you are the WFOE Company legal representative then you first have to go and get a “health card” this can be done at Fangocao community health service center, New district(no. 20 Zirui North street , High-tech zone)

Their Tel is 8513698 , they first said i had to make an appointment , but let me do the test after realizing it was just for 1 person.

It is very close to place in tonzilin where we normally go for health examinations. The test only consists of a X-ray and blood test and checking if you have 10 fingers. The whole process only took 10 mins, you need your company registration paper and your passport. Also note they cant speak English unlike at the other health test center so better take a friend or translator with you. The waiting time is 5 working days to get the health card and 30 days to make a an appointment for your staff to go check . The price is 0 rmb. All the staff that prepares the food need to hold a health card, for cashiers and waiters it is not required.

The next step is apparently after you get the card to go to the same place where you register or alter your company information and fill in an application form, after that they will go inspect your shop and either give you the license or refuse it.

i Will update as it goes along as sometimes what they say and what the real steps are varies.