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Hi Chengdu-ers, I’m planning a 4 week visit to Chengdu in a couple of months. While in Chengdu, I’d like to take daily Chinese lessons. I’m currently in contact with someone at Chinese Corner ( to arrange this. Chinese Corner requires a deposit of 20% for the total price of the course+accommodation package. In order to apply for a Tourist Visa, I need to supply proof of accommodation for the duration of my stay. So I’ll need to pay a decent amount of money before even being sure my Visa will be approved. Is there anyone who has any experience with Chinese Corner in Chengdu to ease my mind? 🙂 Thanks in advance!

You don’t need anything from them to apply for a tourist visa, you just need a return way ticket , proof that you have enough money for your stay (i think it is 1000 rmb per day you can check on your Chinese embassy website) , a scanned letter from a hotel in china to show you have at least book your first 3 days. a Itinerary showing where you will go while in China. I agree with Charlie better get your own tourist visa and check it out before spending money.

Also someone can correct me if i am wrong but across the  road from the Peters Tex Mex restaurant is only residential buildings or is there another one in Tongzilin?