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Reference the first paragraph I have been there as well initially but after contacting my financial institutions they now have no issue using FED-EX which has worked out to being a lifesaver.


You may want to check into obtaining an electronic mail box service and then use that mailing address as your base and things will be fine. I use to have the issue of every 2nd ATM withdraw my financial institutions would lock me out. Now my financial institutions have placed a note into their electronic systems that i’m overseas which avoids creating red flags thus preventing lock-outs.


Like I said previously, I just use my english version of mailing address with translated portion below and no issues. A key note, I have had several items with solely the english mailing address and they arrived.

You may want to try to take your address to any of those delivery places (i.e. YC express, YTO & the many others) and see if they can make out your address/location.