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Foreign English teacher wanted in Chengdu
<p class=”MsoNormal”><span lang=”EN-US”>Requirement:</span></p>
<p class=”MsoNormal”><span lang=”EN-US”>1. Native speakers and non-native with clear accent</span></p>
<p class=”MsoNormal”><span lang=”EN-US”>2. Bachelor degree or above, majored in Drama is preferred</span></p>
<p class=”MsoNormal”><span lang=”EN-US”>3. TEFL/TESOL certificate is preferred </span></p>
<p class=”MsoNormal”><span lang=”EN-US”>4. More than 2 years of teaching experience, specialized in drama, dancing, singing, ESL, western cooking, or public speech is preferred.</span></p>
<p class=”MsoNormal”><span lang=”EN-US”>5. 1-year contract</span></p>
<p class=”MsoNormal”><span lang=”EN-US”>Probation Period: 1 month</span></p>
<p class=”MsoNormal”><span lang=”EN-US”>Location: High Tech Zone, Chengdu City</span></p>
<p class=”MsoNormal”><span lang=”EN-US”>Students’ age: 3-12 years.</span></p>
<p class=”MsoNormal”><span lang=”EN-US”>Payment: 12,000 CNY-20,000 CNY per month</span></p>
<p class=”MsoNormal”><span lang=”EN-US”>Schedule: </span></p>
<p class=”MsoNormal”><span lang=”EN-US”>Wednesday to Friday: 13:30-20:30 pm<span style=”mso-spacerun: yes;”>  </span></span></p>
<p class=”MsoNormal”><span lang=”EN-US”>Weekends: 09:00am-18:00pm</span>,<span lang=”EN-US”>2 days off</span></p>
<p class=”MsoNormal”><span lang=”EN-US”>Benefits:<span style=”mso-spacerun: yes;”>                               </span></span></p>
<p class=”MsoNormal”><span lang=”EN-US”>1. Ending contract bonus or flight allowance</span></p>
<p class=”MsoNormal”><span lang=”EN-US”>2. 2,000CNY for Housing Allowance</span></p>
<p class=”MsoNormal”><span lang=”EN-US”>3. Paid official Chinese holidays and annual leave days</span></p>
<p class=”MsoNormal”><span lang=”EN-US”>4. Z-visa provided</span></p>
If you are interested in this position, please send your CV & self introduction video to my email address: [email protected]. Thanks you!