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Avatar photoEli

That Kariem Riggins is dope! Does he have any projects out?

Whoa… just listened to that Dead Prez track. Disappointing.

I stumbled on the pitchfork review of their album also. They called it “unspeakably depressing,” “a slow-motion car wreck,” and said that Dead Prez decided to “go full Enya.” OUCH.

Here is a classic Dead Prez track to cleanse the palate:

Someone who pitchfork does like, as do I, is Roc Marciano. They favorably reviewed his last album, Marcberg, and in my mind hit the nail on the head when they said that “Marciano has locked himself in a dilapidated apartment and recorded a masterwork of insular, borderline-sociopathic hip-hop, much in the vein of the mid-1990s heyday of Mobb Deep.”

Anyway, Marciano just released a new album, and it sounds good. It will probably make the short list of albums that I buy this year: