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Avatar photoCharlie

k-os – Spraying My Pen

Never heard of this rapper before, k-os from Toronto. The other features on this track are Canadian also. Good album overall, titled BLack on BLonde.

been getting into Keys n Krates recently, they released a new EP a few weeks ago

Nice!! New trap. I like that Clique remix.

NIN “Pretty Hate Machine”, Mars Volta ‘Amputecture”

I listened to Mars Volta albums but never got into them. I think they’re a lot better live. Never seen them but I saw At the Drive In and they were great live.

As far as NIN, that’s one show that I deeply regret never seeing live. One of my friends in SF is a huge NIN fan and has seen them many times. He showed me some HD concert footage when I was in the city last year and the show was jaw dropping. Insane stage setup and presence. Trent Reznor’s new band How to Destroy Angels is playing at Coachella this year.