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Well I look at Tron as a visually awesome movie with an even better soundtrack to accommodate it, which is all it is…a soundtrack, you can’t really view it as an album in my opinion

have they done anything worth getting excited about in the last 10 years?

Not since Alive 2007, which is why I’m looking forward to it…although I’m a bit of a Daft Punk fanboy so that could also be why

[/quote]I can’t tell you how painful it is going through all the D&B releases every month when +95% of it is utter trollstep (+rumbles)[/quote]

Yea it seems like a lot of DnB artists switched over to almost all dubstep awhile back…maybe now that the dubstep craze is kinda dying down(it is…isn’t it?) some will go back to their roots. I really wish Nero would get back to some good ol dnb. Although Netsky still puts out some good stuff imo.